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Guatemala Huehuetenango

Guatemala Huehuetenango


A balanced medium roast with clean notes of citrus and milk chocolate. Fair Trade Organic.

Roast: Medium // Full City

Elevation: 1650 m

Process: Fully Washed

Varietals: Bourbon, Catimor, Cataui, Caturra

While many are familiar with Huehuetenango and the reputation of their specialty coffee, few have ventured to this isolated corner of Guatemala. The rugged terrain of the area has preserved the indigenous heritage, distinct clothing, and dialects that can vary from one mountain ridge to the next.

Asociación Barillense de Agricultores (ASOBAGRI) has become an important bridge for these local coffee farmers to the international specialty coffee community. This cooperative is one of the most sophisticated and well organized in the world.  They have over 1,400 members, spread across 80 communities, who cultivate and harvest their own coffee on small farms with their own micro-mills. ASOBAGRI is also committed to promoting gender equality throughout the organization.

This lot called Café de Mujeres (Las Dueñas Café) is the culmination of an integrated program for 182 female members of ASOBAGRI. The program includes 5 women technicians providing training and technical support that is appropriately tailored to the needs of the members. Strategies like using coffee pulp to make organic fertilizers reduces the transportation costs associated with purchasing fertilizer from afar and creates an abundant source of plant nutrition that ensures better yields and quality. Income diversification investments in chicken farms, avocado trees and local cafeteria have also strengthened the options for women members.


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